About This Blog

My reaction to aging has been rather seismically inconsistent. Thirty did not faze me, nor did forty. Fifty surprised me, with a short-lived but significant grump. Mid-decade I failed to handle the arrival of AARP’s letter with grace and dignity, yet I slid into my sixties like a kid on a boogie board.

But lately old is sneaking up on me, and taunting me with sins of commission and omission. In the commission area, I could add my own verse to the prayers of the people from the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer: “For all the times I dismissed Mom’s complaints about aging with the flippant statement that it’s better than the alternative, Lord have mercy.” To sins of commission, include a love of beach read novels, a fondness for S & M (why, I mean sugar and merlot of course…), and too many evenings watching mindless television. Omission includes regular exercise, healthy eating, and serious intellectual pursuits.

In this blog, I’ll share personal leaps, stumbles, and thoughts on this “better than the alternative” journey in a category I call “ramblings.” Imagine conversations over coffee and a doughnut with a good friend. (Or over green tea and a small handful of nuts for my health-conscious readers.) Along with these conversational posts, I will work with various experts to communicate some of the latest information about Alzheimer’s and other dementias – current research on diagnosis and treatments, and important advice about how to insure the best possible quality of life for someone with cognitive impairment.  There will also be posts about ways to stay healthy, physically and emotionally, as we age, and on how to deal with health issues, large and small.

Mind Or Mirror has settled into a pattern, Monday blog posts are serious by tone or topic, Wednesday brings guest posts by members of the Women Champions, and on Fridays the posts are light-hearted.

I hope each post adds something to your views about aging and that you will enhance the process by sharing your own thoughts via the comment option.  All comments are reviewed before posting, but I will try to review all pending posts within 24 hours.

Over their years growing up at home, my sons noted that I am a bit obsessed with finding the silver lining in every storm. Here is today’s: Old is an age that exceeds your own by at least two decades. (Unless you are under thirty or until you hit eighty, at which times one decade will suffice!)

This a blog for the young at heart. Go forth and feel young!


How old we feel can be at odds with what is reflected in the mirror. Our mirrored selves sometimes seem foreign, constraining. Our true selves dance uninhibited in the moonlight, secure in the knowledge that there are songs to be sung, tears to be shed, and love to be lavished no matter our age.